For two months, I've been creating small "On this day in Ethereum" posts: small snippets listing the most relevant events in Ethereum for a specific day in 2016, '17 and '18, like the one for today.

While making them, I try to eat my dog food, using as much as possible, so that I can improve the app at the same time.

My workflow:

  • Check the top events for a day, ie.
  • Select events that are relevant to Ethereum, not price- or TA-related.
  • Double-check news sources and event times.
  • Link items that are talking about the same event.
  • Adapt or rewrite the news items into a uniform format that's easy
    to read.

Some thoughts:

  • Compiling these lists is a very good way to validate' full pipeline: from fetching, selecting and the display of news items, to usability of the app. On every level, improvements were made and bugs were discovered and fixed.
  • It's hard to find back historical discussions on Twitter, especially if they're buried in deep threads.
  • So many web pages disappeared. Really, this surprises me a lot. People say, once it's on the internet, it's there to stay. Well..., not so much for announcements in crypto space from over two years ago. We are lucky to have tools like the waybackmachine.